Quality assurance from Jüngerhans Shipping Company (ISM/ISO)

On 1. July 1998 the essential rulings of International Safety Management (ISM) code, adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 1993, were implemented. Already since 1. July 1996 certain types of vessels (e.g. ferries) must adhere with these rulings and vessels from Jüngerhans Shipping Company have had to strictly comply with these codes since 1 July 2002. Jüngerhans Shipping Company, however, qualified in DIN EN ISO 9002 and ISM regulations in 1999 through the "Germanischer Lloyd", meeting the high requirements of maritime law and optimizing internal business through a self control system.

ISM regulations cover shipping safety and management systems, which also apply to people on board as well as on land. The quality standards recommended in ISO 9000 should be achieved so as to: a) increase safety at sea, thereby avoiding accidents, as well as b) to prevent environmental damage.