The heavy-lift vessel MV “HENRICUS J” (charter name: MV “INDUSTRIAL DOLPHIN”) recently underwent the prescribed overload tests of the two on-board cranes in the port of Hanstholm / Denmark. As part of the class and under ILO (International Labor Organization) regulations, shipping companies are required to subject their vessels to safety-related testing at specific time intervals. This ensures that seaworthiness of the vessels is given. In addition, operation and structure are examined each year by a so-called “class surveyor” to make sure that they are in good working condition. The scope of items to be examined is expanded every five years. In addition, an overload test is then conducted. For this purpose, the crane must lift a weight that is 10% above the manufacturer’s maximum carrying load of 250 tons per crane In practice, huge balloons are filled with a total of 275 cubic meters of water. All tests were conducted on MV “HENRICUS J” without any complaints.