It was not a long transport but a spectacular one that the still young heavy-lift vessel MV "INDUSTRIAL SKIPPER" had to undertake on one of her first journeys to Europe. In the port of Santander, Spain, three complete assembled harbour cranes were taken on board. The cranes, weighing 250 tons each and having a overall height of about 51 meters, were hoisted onto the hatch covers and securely lashed. MV "INDUSTRIAL SKIPPER" reached the Spanish Villagarcia and thereby the destination port after only about one and a half days at sea.

MV "INDUSTRIAL SKPPER" was built in 2016 in a series of four heavy-lift vessels at the shipyard Huanghai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in the Chinese city of Rongcheng. It is one of the vessels known and proven in the market as "F500-type", but a version with many aspects optimized. At a length of 147 meters and a beam of 22.80 meters with a draft of 8.10 meters, a loading capacity of 12.500 tons (dwt) is reached. The two heavy-lift cranes have a lifting capacity of more than 250 tons each. Loads of up to 500 tons can be lifted in combined operation. A 45-ton auxiliary hoist is also available for general cargo transportation. The hatch system comprises fully automated folding covers and only two pontoon covers. With a performance of 4,800 kW, the main engine provides maximum energy efficiency for a speed of 15 knots.