A.JÜNGERHANS was built
In 1961, Stephan Jüngerhans then had the "A.JÜNGERHANS" with a load capacity of 300 dwt built at the Lühring shipyard in Brake.
Captain Stephan Jüngerhans married Adelheid Kiepe
Captain Stephan Jüngerhans married Adelheid Kiepe, daughter of the shipowner who owned the punt boat "HELENE". Its replica can still be visited as the flagship of the Maritime Museum in Haren.
Stephan Jüngerhans obtained his Captains License
Heinrich's son Stephan Jüngerhans (born1908) as well continued the tradition and on April 16th 1931 obtained his Captains License at the Nautical College in Leer and became captain of "MARIA" of his father. During the 2nd World War, "MARIA" was temporarily seized by the navy to transport war supplies.
Reederei Jüngerhans

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