Newbuilds on order
Five years after the last newbuilds went into service, contracts for new vessels could again be signed. A new heavy-lift-vessel will be delivered in the autumn. In addition, we will participate in a series of new container vessels.
Continuation ensured

Several refinancing concepts were successfully implemented in 2020.

Expansion of the container fleet

Commissioning of four 1000 TEU container feeder ships with a modern exhaust gas treatment system.

Modernisation of the fleet

The modernisation of the fleet is progressing. After the sale of older units, four modern 1,000-TEU container feeders with Scrubber technology as well as an ECOLIFT500 heavy-lift vessel are being ordered from Chinese shipyards.

Ship Management

The shipping company takes over the nautical-technical support for several container and heavy-lift vessels in the "third-party management" which shows the high competence as a ship manager.

Maria Jüngerhans deceased
Maria Jüngerhans, wife of Captain Heinrich Jüngerhans and long-time commercial manager of the shipping company, passes away on February 6th at the age of 65.
Further extension of the heavy lift fleet: 4 x 14,300 dwt
First-time building of a large series of 1,036 TEU vessels
Large series are for the first time ordered jointly with other shipping companies. Jüngerhans received three newbuildings from a total of 15 vessels from the Jiangdong Shipyard in China out of a bulk order.
Delivery of a further series from Portugal
Delivery of a further series from Portugal: 4 x 10,000 dwt with a length of 139 meters. Equipped with two heavy lift cranes 250 tons each - in traverse operation up to 500 tons. Building yard: Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo.
Two new 925 TEU container vessels taken over. Naval Gijon in Spain is the building yard.
New warehouse construction
Um den gestiegenen Anforderungen bei der Bevorratung mit Ausrüstungs- und Ersatzteilen besser nachkommen zu können, wir auf dem unmittelbar an das Reedereigelände angrenzenden Grundstück eine moderne Lagerhalle mit Nebenräumen errichtet.
Six new heavy lift vessels from Portugal
Construction of six modern heavy lift vessels with a loading capacity of 8,000 dwt and two heavy lift cranes each with 250 tons, which combined in traverse operation can lift and move up to 500 tons.
Extension: Extension of office building
Due to the increased demand for office work places, the office building was extended by a southern wing so that also more work places, conference rooms and wash rooms were created in addition to the new office space. Space for more than 50 work places was thereby created.
Large series: 16 x "Hegemann Buildings"
The collaboration with the shipyard group of the entrepreneur from Bremen, Detlef Hegemann, was intensified. The Rolandwerft shipyard between 2002 and 2007 delivers a total of 16 container vessels having the size between 630 and 900 TEU.
Reederei Jüngerhans

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